Wrap Con Halfbuckle from birth – Josephine B. Naïade

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Wrap Con Halfbuckle from birth – Josepine B. Naïade

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Size: Sz. 1 – from birth up to 90cm (2 years)

Model: Atelier Hubertine Josephine B. Naïade & Girasol Exclusive Ecru in diamond weave

Material: Josephine B. Naïade (25% wool, 75% cotton) & Girasol (100% cotton)

Care instructions:

  • Do not wash frequently
  • Wash by hand or cold in a laundry net or pillow case
  • Gentle detergent; low spin setting
  • do  not tumble dry


  • size 1 fits from bitrth up to about 2,5 years
  • size 2 fits from 9 months up to about 4 years
  • adjustable neck and seat
  • quick and easy to use
  • flexible and variable with wrap style shoulders
  • variable back panel height
  • shoulder straps and hip belt app. 1,9m
  • unique and small collections made in berlin
The Mei Tai is the optimal carrier for long distances – from birth and even for larger children. Flexible and comfortable as a baby wrap and as easy to handle as a carrier.
  • adjustable seat (default in Sz. 1)
  • Babywrap_Details-4
  • adjustable neck
  • Babywrap_Details-8
  • gathered hood with wrap made straps (wich we use for thicker fabrics)
  • padded hipbelt

Tying methods: Instructions as PDF can you find here: http://madamejordan.com/en/instructions/

with newborns

with larger child and hood as extended back panel

with larger children: front-, back-, and hip carrying

Wrap_aufgefächert-19 Wrap_hinten-33 Wrap_Hüfte-24

How tightly must the carrier be tied?
As tightly as possible. When you bend over, the child should not move more than 1 inch away from your body.

How will I know wether the seat fits properly?
It has to go from knee to knee or stop before the middle of the child’s thigh. If it is too small, you can spread the straps apart over the legs – see instructions for larger children.

Which size is the right one?
Our sizes are based on the child’s height. Size 1 fits from newborn to around 36 inches and size 2 fits from 29 inches.

Arms in or out?
Let the child decide as soon as it’s able to hold his head upright alone and got a stable upper back. Before that – arms in.

For support call us during our store opening times or send an email. We have testers in our shop to use for longer termes. You can rent them by deposit and fee.

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