Ringsling Oscha Kikumini Anouk


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Ringsling – Oscha Kikumini Anouk


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Hersteller: Oscha Kikumini Anouk
100% Biobaumwolle/ Organic Combed Cotton, 64cm breit, ca. 276gsm

Länge: 1,9m
Ringfarbe: champagne

✔ Great for all ages  ✔ Comfy on shoulders  ✔ Organic, pocket weave fabric
This new version of our Kikumini pattern brings a new dimension to this pretty floral design. Different textures fill the petals of our chrysanthemums as they fade from a rich blue-pink through to a soft baby pink tone.
Soft and cushy, this gorgeous pocket weave sling is perfect for all ages with a lovely spongey texture making it comfy on the shoulders even when carrying bigger kids. Kikumini Anouk has a mouldability which makes it lovely for wrapping little ones, while the pocket weave structure brings a cushy support which makes it comfy for carrying toddlers too.
Our organic cotton is softer and stronger than most normal cottons, produced ethically this cotton is grown with care and without chemicals keeping the land, and farmers, healthy.
What is a Luxe blend?
Our exclusive Luxe blends are made from the finest, most sought after yarns available, or with more complex weave structures. These fabrics are chosen especially for their luxurious wrapping qualities and are sure to give you a truly special babywearing experience. Quality, not quantity: Luxe wraps are often more limited in number and will never be rewoven.

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blau, rosa




250-300 gr/m2




Newborn, Toddler