Oscha – Starry Night Ocean Cairis


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Oscha – Starry Night Ocean Cairis


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Material: 73% Biobaumwolle/ BCI Organic Combed Cotton, 27% Leinen/ Fine Scottish Wetspun Linen, ca. 212gsm

Größe: Baby ab Geburt bis ca. 30 Monate (95 cm Körperhöhe)

What is a Cairis Carrier?

Simple & stylish, the Cairis is a lightweight tie-strap, or half-buckle, carrier. Made from our ethical and British made fabric the Cairis features a unique Strata-linea® padded waistband with a buckle fastening and half wrap-width shoulder straps which provide adjustability, comfort and support. These tie straps are padded over the shoulder, flaring out to about 30-35cm wide in order to mimic the snug feeling of a woven wrap and to provide extra support under baby’s bum.

The Cairis Baby and Toddler carriers allow you to carry your child on your front or back.

✔ Ergonomic Position

✔ Strata-linea® padded, buckle waistband

✔ Adjustable tie straps

The Cairis: Offering Comfort and Support in Two Sizes

Available in Baby and Toddler sizes, the Cairis features our unique Strata-linea® waistband. Designed to complement your natural shape, the Strata-linea® waistband prevents hard buckles digging into your waist and provides a flattering silhouette. The Strata-linea® waistband features a long, padded ‘tongue’ which sits under the buckle for extra comfort, while the wide band neatly moulds to your body shape.

Our specially developed ‘wrap straps’: padded shoulder straps that fan out, provide cushioning over your shoulders and allowing you to spread the fabric out under your child to increase support.

Healthy Hips: the Oscha Cairis has been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a ‘Hip Healthy’ product, this means it will hold your child in the ‘M’ position which is optimum for hip development.

Shop the Cairis Carrier

✔ Baby: up to 2.5 years
Toddler: up to 5 years
✔ Front & Back Carries

✔ Newborn Cynch included
✔ Strata-linea® waistband & padded shoulders

✔ Tie straps
✔ Buckle waistband

Which Size to Choose?

The Cairis carrier is available in two sizes, each with unique features to suit your child as they grow.

Baby Size: Room to grow

The baby Cairis is highly adjustable and suitable for carrying from newborn up to around 30 months old, at which point the toddler Cairis becomes more comfortable.
The Baby size comes with a Cynch, which can be used to narrow the seat for babies under 4 months.

Toddler Size: Suitable to 5 years

Extra padding has been added to the waistband of the toddler Cairis for additional lumbar support. The body panel has seat darts & ‘legs out padding’, contouring a larger child’s shape & aiding comfort.

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