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Baby wrap – Oscha Lotus Paige


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Hersteller/Company: Oscha
Name: Lotus Paige

Länge: 7 (ca. 520cm)

Material: 50% Biobaumwolle/ Organic Combed Cotton, 50% Leinen / Thick Wetspun Linen, 69cm wide, approx. 317gsm

Woven on a soft grey warp with a light golden weft picking out this intricate floral pattern, this is a classic fabric which will fit effortlessly into your wardrobe.
Contrasting line weights give this Lotus pattern a lovely depth, making it seem as though the flowers are gently flowing around you and your little one. Little slubs from the linen yarn speckle the pattern, giving this handmade baby wrap a lovely textural look and feel.
Thick wetspun linen is a favourite among wrappers, especially those carrying heavier children. Offering softness and support, this sling will need a little love to become suitable for tiny babies but will soon become floppy soft with wear.
A thick yarn, wetspun linen is known for its toddlerworthy qualities, giving unparalleled support and softening with wear to become buttery soft. Our organic cotton is softer and stronger than most normal cottons, produced ethically this cotton is grown with care and without chemicals keeping the land, and farmers, healthy.
Lotus was designed by Oscha customer, Eugenia who is an illustrator and mother of two kids from Ukraine.

“I love children, plants and draw patterns, especially patterns with plants. I am incredibly happy and proud that Oscha wove my pattern and now mothers around the world will wrap their little ones in wraps with my pattern.” – Eugenia


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Gr.7 / 5,2m


gold, grau


Biobaumwolle, Leinen


300-350 gr/m2