Onbuhimo – Come Fly with me

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Onbuhimo – Come fly with me

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Size 1: from 70/75 cm (9 months) to approx. 95 cm (2 years)

Size 2: from 85/90 cm body height (18 months) to approx. 110 cm (4 years) with bar reduction

We recommend to use the Onbuhimo only from sitting age, because it is easier to put it on and the child also has the necessary back muscles.

Material:  Woven Wings Botanical – Come Fly with me – 57% Egyptian cotton, 20%  linen, 15% merino, 8% silk in combination with Girasol twill black – 100% cotton

Padding shoulder strap: foam material

Washing instructions:
– Avoid frequent washing
– Hand wash or at 30°C in the laundry net/cushion cover
– mild detergent, low spinning speed
– not suitable for the dryer
– Do not iron shoulder straps

– Shortening the straps so that you get the child no matter how tall/small you are the child high enough on the back
– Child sits high and can look over your shoulder
– the higher centre of gravity makes carrying easier
– novel foam padding in straps for comfortable wearing
– no pressure on children’s necks due to perfect cut
– no oppressive hip belt especially good in pregnancy
– chest strap adjustable in height
– hood as protection & additional support
– fast putting on at the back
– made in Berlin as unique pieces & small series

The Onbuhimo is the optimal carrying aid for fast in between, always with you and up and down.


How high should the Onbuhimo sit?
The higher the better, because the centre of gravity shifts positively upwards and a heavy weight can be carried better. The right height for you can only be found by trying it out.

Arms in or arms out?
This can be decided by the child, because they are stable in the back from sitting age. If you generally carry your child outside with your arm, the child will sit even higher on the back part, so that the back part ends even lower after sitting down and the child can better make the arm out or has it outside right from the start.

Can I also use the Onbuhimo to wear in front of my stomach?
No, it is possible, but the carrier sits very high and therefore restricts the field of vision.

Why is an Onbuhimo only suitable from sitting age?
By simply shifting the weight to the shoulders when carrying, there is a lot of pressure in the upper back of the child. The musculature of the child is more developed and stable with the sitting age.

Does the Onbuhimo need a bar reduction?
No, generally not, because it is cut diagonally upwards and smaller children are placed higher. However, the bridge reduction also takes away backrest height and is recommended if the children are smaller than the recommended size or are very tender.

In which dress sizes does the Onbuhimo fit?
By shortening the straps, the Onbu fits from size XS to XL. However, please note that if the child is too small for the size of the stretcher (size 1 from 70/75 cm height and size 2 from 90 cm height), it will not sit high enough on its back.

If you have any questions about the Onbuhimo, please call us during shop opening hours. If you just want to try one out, we have special test carriers in the shop which can be used more extensively for a deposit and rental fee over a longer period of time.

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linen, silk, wool


limited, madeinberlin


1 from 70/75 cm, 2 from 85/90 cm