Cotton face mask – for adults made of baby wraps

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Face mask-mouth-nose – baby wrap

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Let’s be straight: The masks are not certified to be used in any kind of medical context! But they will protect you and others around you from droplet- and smear infection simply because you will touch your face less!

Features: The masks are made from pure cotton, they are reusable and reversible. The elastic band is tied around the head – for a better and safer fit. Bend the adjustable nose bridge around your nose before first use to make the mask fit tighter on your face.

Materials: most of them 100% cotton, but see model, Fabric pre-washed.

Washing instructions: Boil wash frequently

Good to know: You can lower the number of germs by washing with high temperatures, ironing and the use of disinfectants. Wash your mask with boiling water in the evening or after use, rinse, straighten, and let dry by the heater or in the sun.

Our face masks are reversible and fastened with two elastic bands around the back of your head. For a snug and safe fit bend the flexible nose bridge tightly around the middle of your nose .

We offer a variety of neutral and colourful models. Not all models are showcased here. We aim to keep production going to send them your way as fast as possible – so let us know if you feel like „business“ or „party“ and let us surprise you!

For a quicker delivery we will send the masks via letter.

The face masks are non refundable due to hygienic reasons!

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