Mini Mei Tai

Sizes: From birth – 60 cm (3 months)
Models: Various models in black/grey, blue, green, all are neutral & unisex
Materials: 100% cotton

Color: grey with hood (dots (dots in grey or blue, birch in grey/green or owl in grey)

How it works:
Download instructions
Washing instructions:

  • Avoid frequent washing

  • Hand-wash or with 30°C in mesh wash bag or pillowcase

  • Mild detergent, low spin cycle
 Do not tumble dry
 Do not iron padded parts


Suitable from birth
 Includes adjustable bridge- or neck-support (or tightener)
 Easy to use
– Shoulder straps padded with corduroy fabric, unpadded hip belt to tie (some come with buckle)
 Hood with elastic bands for protection & additional support Made in Berlin
Our Mini Mei Tai is the ideal baby carrier starting from birth, either if you are not sure yet if carrying is your thing, or if you’re still deciding on a carrier model. The Mini Mei Tai is a popular option to use until your carrier fits well, because not every baby carrier is made to fit your child from birth.
• 50€ deposit, plus shipping costs (5€ within Germany)
• Rentals & shipping only within Germany
• 5€/week or 25€/3 months
• Shipping not included
• Just fill in your preferred day of delivery. The carrier will be delivered to your home, freshly washed and on time.
Since our Mini Mei Tai carriers are for rent, the colours of the fabric can be faded due to use and washing. We change them regularly and always try to pick out the most beautiful model for you. If you have a specific coulour in mind, we’ll try to choose your carrier accordingly. 
Adjustable neck support (standard)
adds stability 
Rent Mini Mei Tai
How tight do I wear the carrier?

As tight as possible: when you lean forward, your baby should not move away from your body more than 1-2 cm.
How do I know, that the bridge fits?

When the bridge reaches from one hollow of the knee to the other, or still covers at least half of your baby’s thigh.
If you have any questions about our carriers, don’t hesitate to call us during opening hours.

For professionals: If you are a midwife, a babywearing consultant or work with babies, please contact us with any questions regarding prizes and conditions.