Which payment methods do you offer?
At our store, you can pay in cash, with Electronic Cash or Credit Card and per Paypal. At our online shop, we additionally provide payment via Amazon Pay.

Where do I find your products on Amazon?
Here: https://www.amazon.de/madamejordan

Why don’t you sell all your products on Amazon?
We manufacture many one of a kind pieces and small batch series, which we cannot produce in mass. Most products on Amazon are made in bigger quantities and are continuously restocked, so that we are able to store them there and you can count on that super fast delivery as an Amazon prime member.

Are the Amazon products also available at your store?
Usually, only those items, which are not for Amazon prime – however, we constantly produce more prime products to restock and might have some in the making or already finished at our store. Come to our store, let us help you find what you are looking for, make your payment here and we are happy to send your order to your home with free delivery.

Are there instructions for your carriers and carrier covers?
Yes, you can find all the tutorials and instructions here

How does the rental system work?
We have carriers for rent, to help you find the perfect carrier and minimize returns. You can test a rental carrier throughout your daily life, as if it where yours. Usually, our rental carriers are not new but we clean them after every use and send them to you freshly washed. Once you are done testing, send it back unwashed. We will determine, if the carrier needs a hot iron or a wash, because every washing takes a toll on the fabric and the carriers often need to be worn in again. You can rent our Madame Jordan Carriers online and test them, and all the other carriers we sell at our store.
Baby Wraps and Mini Mei Tais are for rent for 5€/week or 25€/3 months. The deposit is between 40 – 70 €. Any other carrier, you can rent for 5€/1st week and 15€/ every additional week. We will keep a deposit over at least 100 €. Leave the deposit in cash or via PayPal at our store. After returning the carrier, the rental fee will be subtracted from the deposit. In case of loss or damage, you are liable with part or even the whole sum of the deposit.

Which kinds of fabric do you use?
For our Baby Carriers we use wrap fabric from Girasol or Yaro, often, these are woven especially for us. They conform to the Oeko-Tex standard for baby wraps; check out the certificates und Letters of Approval on the websites of the manufacturers.
For our children’s clothing line, we exclusively use organic cotton. Most of our suppliers are located here in Germany, only at times do we import exceptionally beautiful fabric from abroad. The corduroy we use comes from Lusatia, for example, and the makers of our cuff fabric we often visit in person.
Our wool fabrics are produced in organic stock farming at the Swabian Alps in Germany.
We prefer natural materials like cotton and wool, also because they do not shed plastic micro-particles when washed.

How do I clean a baby carrier?
Try to wash it as little as possible and clean it partially, where it is stained. If you need to wash the carrier, wash it by hand or with delicate cycle and a mild liquid detergent. We prewash some fabric, because it shrinks more than 10 %, so every carrier should vary in size no more than 5 % after washing. A carrier, whose back panel is 40 cm wide, should therefore not have less than 38 cm of back panel width after washing. We aim to minimize the shrinking of materials and consequently the varying of sizes. Some materials will expand again while using the carrier. So, don’t worry – and if you have any questions, you can always call us directly or send us an email.

What is the meaning of woven by hand or machine woven?
Basically, the only difference is that the loom is operated by hand, without using any electronics. These wraps are soft and sturdy at the same time. Wraps that are woven with big, electronic looms are usually harder at first and their appearance might be more even. After a short while of being worn in, they become as soft as hand woven wraps.

Which size is the right one?
We base our sizes on the actual body height of the child. It often differs from common dress sizes.
When it comes to clothing, buy the actual size, that your child is wearing! For example: Your baby measures 78 cm and wears size 74/80, which will fit a while – maybe until your child has reached 85 cm of body height – and then it is time for a new size. This might be different from child to child, because growth is not proportional sometimes.
With a baby carrier it works quite the same, additionally, your figure comes into the equation. As an example: Your child is on the verge of fitting into a size 2 Onbuhimo, but you are very slender. In this case, it might be better to choose a size 1, because carrying might be more comfortable for you. We love to provide advice, if you are not sure about sizes and have questions. The right, comfortable size is important for both, you and your baby.

How do I get a custom made carrier?
For a custom made carrier, you send in your baby wrap, usually after you purchased the desired model online. We will send you an email with a questionnaire, which you can send back via email or together with your wrap fabric. Once it has arrived, we will check if the quality of your fabric is suitable for a carrier and measure it properly. With the measurements, we can plan the pattern and can tell you exactly, if there is enough material to work with and what your options are. If you are uncertain, you have the option of sending in your wrap beforehand, including your contact details, and we will get in touch with you.

What is the difference to a specially made carrier?
A specially made carrier is a product made from our materials, that we create specifically for you. A custom made carrier is made from your own fabric.

Which kind of wraps do you work with?
You can choose any wrap from our online shop. In addition, we have yard ware from Oscha, Colimacon and wraps from Madalo and other manufacturers. Prices depend on the price of the wrap and on the combination of fabrics. For a specially made carrier, we charge an extra 10% of the purchase price. Once the combination is decided and if we have all the necessary materials in stock, you will hold your carrier in your hands within 14 days.

Can I order a changed pattern for a custom made or a specially made carrier?
Of course! No matter if you like a shorter or wider back panel or shorter shoulder straps, etc., and there is no additional charge, except if we need extra fabric. Please talk to us beforehand, because some of the patterns might only be in stock pre-cut.

Do I get the rest of my wrap fabric back?
Yes, of course, you get all the remnants.

Can I also have specially made children’s clothes?
Sure! We also charge an extra of 10% of the purchase price. If a pair of trousers cost 28 €, custom made it will cost 30,80 €. Within 14 days, your order will be ready.

Which sizes do you have?
At the store, we have clothes that grow with your child from sizes 50/56 to 134/140.

Do you sell the same range of goods online and at the store, or do you have more choices there ?
Often, we have more items at the store than online. At our store, you might also have the opportunity to sneak a peek of the manufacturing process, like cutting patterns and sewing. In addition, you will find a wider range of products by Windelmanufaktur and Nanito, accessories and baby gifts by Silvia Ribas, like bibs, hooded towels or bags. We might also have a few more baby carriers here.

Can I shop at the store with an online gift voucher and is a gift voucher for a carrying consultation only valid for a consultation ?
You can absolutely shop at the store with your online voucher. It also works the other way around, but in that case, we have to generate a new code first and reconvert the voucher.
Our gift vouchers are not limited to a certain product or service, you may use them for any purchase at our store or online shop. Their validity is not limited but once lost, it is impossible to replace the voucher or generate it again. It is advisable to take a picture of your gift card. You can also use it for shopping at our store.