Wrap Con Mei Tai with buckle hip belt – Joséphine B. À la piscine

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Wrap Con Mei Tai with buckle hip belt – Joséphine B. À la piscine




size 1 – from birth to 90/95 cm (2 years) body height

size 2 – from 75 /80 to 115 cm (4 years) body height

Material: baby sling crossweave ecru & Atelier Hubertine Joséphine B. À la piscine – 100% cotton

Washing instructions:
– Avoid frequent washing
– hand wash
– mild detergent, low spinning speed
– not suitable for tumble dryers
– do not iron padded parts

– suitable from birth
– Integrated bridge and neck reduction
– easy creation
– flexible and variable due to fabric carrier
– variable backrest height
– Shoulder strap approx. 1,9m
– Hip belt buckle – mininmal 65 cm (padding 70 cm)
– Hood as protection or additional support with elastic band or sling straps
– made in Berlin as unique pieces & small series

The Mei Tai is the optimal carrying aid for long distances – from birth and also for older children. As flexible and comfortable as a sling, but as comfortable as a stretcher.

Bridge reduction (integrated as standard with size 1)
The height and width of the backrest can be adjusted by reducing the web.

Neck reduction (integrated as standard with size 1)
for more stability in the neck area

Hip belt with buckle
This can absorb more weight in older children and is often a good option if the weight of the baby carrier has already been found to be too heavy.

binding methods:
Instructions as PDF can be downloaded here.

with newborn

with a larger child and the headrest as an extended back section

with a larger child: fanned out at the front – on the back – on the hip
Wrap_on_fant-19Wrap_rear-33 Wrap_hip-24


How tightly must the stretcher be tied?
As tight as possible. And if you bend down, the child should not move more than 2 cm away from its own body.

How can I tell if the bridge fits?
If it extends from the back of the knee to the back of the knee or stops at no more than the middle of the thigh. If the bridge alone has become too small, the straps can be fanned out above the legs – see instructions for older children.

Which size is the right one?
We always go according to the height of the child.
Size 1 fits from birth up to about 95 cm height (fanned out) and size 2 from 75/80 cm height.

Arms in or arms out?
The child decides this as soon as it can hold its head alone and is stable enough in the upper back.

If you have any questions about our stretchers, you can reach us by telephone during shop opening hours. We also have loan copies of all our stretchers in our shop. They can be tested extensively for a deposit and rental fee and can also be used longer.

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blue, ecru, turquoise, white






size 1 from birth – 90/95 cm, size 2 from 75/80 – 115 cm