Ringsling – Matcha Leinen


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Ring sling – Matcha Linen

Manufacturer: Madame Jordan
Name:  Matcha
Material:  100% linen, 260g/m2

Length: 1,9m (unwashed)
Ring colour: matt yellow-gold
Finish: straight and with fabric in dark blue floral

Linen is a natural material… pleasantly cool in summer, but also firm. The windelmanufaktur found this wonderful linen, where we had the idea to sew ringslings out of it. With the folding we thought about something, because thin cloths often cut in and we thought this does not have to be. From this came the idea of the hybrid, a folding with gathers. We are now so enthusiastic about the result that we also offer it in our shop.

Shoulderstyle: Hybrid after Madame Jordan
Folded on the outside and seams are on top so that it lies comfortably everywhere well on the shoulder and distributes the weight optimally.

The ring sling is the ideal carrying aid for many occasions. It fits from birth on and can accompany you well the first 3 years – especially on short distances and for the child times briefly to rest.

Standard length: 1.8 – 1.9 m
from clothing size XXL: 2 m


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250-300 gr/m2

green, grey

Madame Jordan

linen, soft linen