Carrying consultation

Finding the right carrying system is often a long way or can quickly become very expensive. In order to protect you from mispurchases, we will be happy to advise you individually on how to carry your baby. The right carrying aid depends not only on your own wishes, but also on the child’s well-being and comfort.

BabyWearing should not hurt and should never be uncomfortable!

If you are interested in more tips, background knowledge, professional advice and practical tips on how to wear… then a carrying advice would be just the right thing!

You want to know more about carrying and feel like learning from professionals with lots of expertise … seems like a carrying consultation is the right choice for you then!

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Individual Consultation 1-1,5hs for 35€

    Couples Consultation approx. 2hs for 45€

    Refresher Consultation (another appointment at our store) approx. 1h for 25€

    Short Consultation 15-30 min. and Open Workshop for 15€ (also possible without appointment)

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    Make an appointment with us. We can talk about your questions beforehand and we always find a solution for special circumstances.
    A carrying consultation at our store starts at 35 € and will last usually 1 to 1,5 hours. You can ask questions, and appointments are normally between 10 am – 2 pm. Just contact us or come by our store …
    We are currently not able to provide appointments outside the store.
    If you are unable to attend an appointment, please give us at least 24-hours notice, otherwise we will charge a cancellation fee of 15 €.

    You can try out baby wraps from many different manufacturers, carriers with buckles or to tie, in various types and sizes.
    At our store we sell wraps by: Girasol, Natibaby, Oscha, Kokadi, Emeibaby, Hoppediz, Didymos, Diva Milano, Yaro, Pollora, PureBabyLove, and more.
    For consultations we provide a large selection of wraps from different materials and manufacturers, from basic to high end choices.

    Special baby wraps you can try during the consultaion:
    • Hand woven wraps by Madalo, Girasol Exclusive or Piawebt
    • Limited editions by Kindsknopf, Hubertine, Solnce, Linuschka, Artipoppe, Woven Wings, Baie, Firespiral, Wauggl Bauggl, Shireslings, Tekhni, Lujzus, Oscha, Frl. Hübsch, Kokadi, AppleBlossom, and more.
    We have wraps and slings made from many different materials like hemp, linen, Repreve, seaweed, silk, wool, kashmir, and more. Talk to us about any questions regarding materials and their haptics.

    Carriers you can try during the consultation:
    • Girasol MySol & WrapMySol (optional hip belt with buckle)
    • Fraeulein Huebsch Baby & Toddler
    • Oscha Cairis (currently not in stock)
    • Connecta Baby
    • Didymos DidyTai, Didyklick & Didytogo Onbu
    • Kokadi Flip & Onbu
    • Hoppediz HopTye (different models), Bondolino (slim & regular) & Nabaca
    • JonoBaby
    • Tula Fullbuckle Free to grow Baby, Explore, Halfbuckle, Toddler & Preschooler
    • Buzzidil Wrapidil, Baby, Standard & Toodler Fullbuckle
    • EmeiBaby & Toodler and EmeiTai
    • BabyRoo Huckeback Onbuhimo, Fullbuckle Baby, Standard & Toddler
    • Marsupi
    • Cybex Yema
    • Manduca original, Duo & XT
    • Ergobaby Adapt & Original
    • Twin Carrier Babymonkey
    • Fidella Flow Click, Fusion, Onbuhimo
    • Ruckeli & Ruckeli Slim
    • Ringslings with pleats by Oscha or gathered
    • Podaegi und Onbuhimo with loops
    • Babybjörn One & Babybjörn One (new version)
    • Limas, Limas Plus, Limas Flex
    • Mamo (shoulder straps fan out, various back panels)
    • Storchenwiege Carrier
    • Yaro Flex (Baby & Toddler) including all the shoulder strap options

    We are up to date on all ergonomically correct carries, and in handling different wraps and carriers. We frequently consult families in special situations, like with premature babies, club feet, screamers, twins or triplets, etc..
    Some of our consultation carriers, you can rent for a week, it will cost a rental fee plus a washing fee of 5 € .Of course you can bring your partner. A consultation with couples will usually take longer, but you will take even more out of it. For a couple, we schedule 2 hours for a price of 45€ at our store.
    We are carrying consultants, trained at the babywearing schools NRW and ClauWi, and we are members of Tragenetzwerk e.V.. We follow up on newest developments and keep in touch with other carrying consultants and experts in that field.